Iced Coffee

I always wondered why other people had a hard time making ice coffee at home. I realized then that they don’t actually have access to instant coffee, or the idea is so foreign to them because they have been brewing coffee all their lives. I decided to try my hand at this once, and it has been mostly in the freezer now, because I can.

Coffee Cubes

I brewed some coffee, let this chill, then placed it on ice trays and let these freeze. I transferred them to a ziploc bag after, ever ready when I would finally want some. On a lazy day, I decided to make a mocha (an up from chocolate milk the night before) and add some coffee cubes.

Milky mostly

I forget though how cold it is here (though I do drink my water on ice) and it took forever to melt the coffee. By the time it has melted enough to add flavor to my drink, it was almos gone and I was quite full. Maybe I really won’t be the coffee drinker that people want me to be 🙂


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