My Very First Adobo in the US

Do you know how frustrating something is when you thought it was going on fine, until it is not? Well, that is how I felt when I cooked this, my first adobo in the US. Filipino adobo is different from the Mexican adobo. Our adobo is cooked with garlic, vinegar, and either salt or soy sauce. I know that the other version has chilis in it. I knew that this was going to be one of the first dishes that I would make, and ta-dah, here it is.

20170207_142003I already know how to cook adobo and it is one classic dish I play with in Manila. I change the pork/chicken ratio, use only salt, etc. So I am quite familiar with it. So when I first tasted my adobo here, I was soooo disappointed. It was so sour, and I am completely blaming the vinegar I used. I have the feeling the vinegar here tastes different, maybe quite stronger. Obviously, it is also a different brand, so that could be it too. The only way I could remedy this was add sugar, add water, add more salt, add potatoes. I could have added more chicken if I could. But I adjusted it so much to kill the too strong vinegar flavor that it became slightly sweet now. It wasn’t so bad, but this wasn’t the classic adobo I know and love. But we finished it, so not bad at all. 🙂

my now constant food model

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