Quick Eats: Yia-Yia’s Pancake House and Restaurant, North Riverside, IL

Matt’s plate

Matt and I made plans to have breakfast with his dad two Tuesdays ago and this is where we settled at. So apparently this is a Greek breakfast place (I still have to blog about the Greek chicken from the other day!) but I really wasn’t looking for anything fancy for breakfast. Just an easy regular one. I asked Matt and his dad what the good stuff are and they both recommended omelettes, just different kinds, and I ended up getting a more classic breakfast which had eggs, bacon, sausages, and waffles. I did request for the waffles to be extra toasty.

With a little muffin and some coffee to tide you over til the meal arrived, it was an easy wait. And eventually, when the food arrived, it was  a bit crazy to realize how big all the portions are! They are huge. I tried Matt’s omelette though, and it was just like any regular omelete. Their food also came with a side of hash brown, which was also just okay. My food too was generally just okay. Nothing fancy. I think the food is more familiar than different. And that is maybe also why this is a popular breakfast place. 🙂

Yia-Yia’s  Pancake House and Restaurant
2250 Harlem Ave, North Riverside, IL 60546

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