Quick Eats: KFC (anywhere in the US)

I have always said this. Try international fast food chains whenever you go abroad. It will reflect differences of culture, taste, etc. And I like discovering that.

Matt’s crispy, my original

I finally tried KFC in the US because I was craving for some fried chicken and the place we were going to was closed. And this was nearby. On the menu, you can already see the differences. Of course there’s no rice on the menu. No gravy either. They have biscuits. In the US also, you can specifically order the part of the chicken too, with  meal #5 having thigh and leg, while meal #6 has chicken breast. Matt and I ordered the same thing, the thigh and leg combo, that comes with a cookie, a biscuit, soda and side. Matt stuck with the default mashed potato, I ordered the corn. I also went for the original, while Matt did the crispy version.

My KFC date

First thing first! The corn was so sweeeet! I really didn’t expect it to be so sweet. Second, their original tastes as good, but it is also very crispy, unlike the ones in the Philippines that we have, which almost borders on soft, which was a very lovely surprise! That was the best part. The biscuit was just so so for me generally, as well as the mashed potatoes. But the chicken, yep, still as yummy (and crunchy as it can get!)



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