Turkey Hash

I have never been a fan of turkey, but knowing that here, a lot of people eat turkey meat, I should get used to it. Matt had some ground turkey in the freezer and I wanted to make a meal out of it. It was breakfast time and I knew I can easily transform it into something like breakfast sausage hash.

I cooked the turkey as I do with ground chicken, first with some liquid, even water, a splash of oil, and salt. This will allow the turkey to not be chunky but really ground. I season with garlic powder, italian seasoning (preferred oregano but we didn’t have any), and black pepper. I cooked this through, and set aside half of the 1 pound bag, for another day.

To the same pan, I added diced potatoes and covered the whole pan so that the potatoes will cook. I tasted it and seasoned with a little bit more salt. I cooked eggs for me and Matt, opened up an avocado, and ta=dah, breakfast is ready! 🙂

First breakfast I made for the future mister

Turkey Hash Recipe

1/2 pound ground turkey
splash of oil
salt, big pinch
pepper, small pinch
garlic powder, big pinch
italian seasoning, small pinch
two potatoes, diced

In a pan, brown the ground turkey. Add a little bit of water,some oil, and all of the seasonings. Allow this to cook through. Once cooked through, add in the potatoes, cover and let them cook as well. Yummy!


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