Quick Eats:Scratch Deli and Cafe, Forest Park

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have moved to Illinois by the time you read this. It takes a while to settle down and fix myself up, and even allot time for the blog, but am back and with more stuff to talk about!

As soon as Matt picked me up from the airport (no problems at all, after enduring a 3 hour flight, 6 hour layover, and another 13 hour flight), we went to have brunch at Scratch Deli and Cafe, which is near our hotel already. I wasn’t too hungry, mostly tired. Matt decided on the place while I do my  best to keep warm in this weather.

My croissant sandwich

We went in the restaurant and it was almost empty. Their menu was simple, but funky. They had sandwiches, paninis and coffee when we arrived at 10.30am, but had more ample menu latter part of the day I think.

Matt ordered fig and pig, which is, well, fig jam and  some pork deli. I ordered champion’s breakfast, which was a croissant roll, with egg and sausage on it. The food arrived quickly and I was so happy with the food. Mine was savory while Matt’s was sweet. I could have finished the very huge portion if it weren’t for that nagging feeling that these are American sized portions. 🙂
Matt’s and mine

This place also has a partner called Scratch Kitchen, which served more of restaurant food than quick grub. But worth going to for sure! Our meal cost about $18 to $20. I can’t remember how much 🙂

Address: 7444 Madison St, Forest Park, IL 60130
Phone number: (708) 435-4431

4 thoughts on “Quick Eats:Scratch Deli and Cafe, Forest Park

  1. Welcome to the Great USA. Been reading your blog for 3 yrs or so. I am a Fil-Am from Florida, retired and also a follower of Market Manila blog. You will miss the opening of Zubuchon in Makati. Have a great stay. Take care.

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I still follow Marketman but posting has been really slow nowadays, and to be honest, I am not a fan of Zubuchon 🙂 I like the classics better. 🙂

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