Going Away Party Food!

By the time this gets posted, it will be the day I will be flying to the US. Moving! Finally! I have the feeling my posts will change dramatically since I will have lots of time to cook, new ingredients to experiment with, and all that. But for now, this post is still about me being here in Manila 🙂

I decided to make the menu for the party. I told mom, it is my party, it will be my thing. Mom is always worried about the kids not eating anything, though my belief is, make it,r and they will eat it. I did stay with some reliable go tos like lechon kawali (crispy fried pork belly) because we have so much we didn’t use. But everything else is new.

The final menu is seafood fideua, french beans in Chinese barbecue sauce, grilled rosemary chicken strips, spring roll bean sprouts, lechon kawali and rice! I realized a few days before finalizing the menu that I will be making 3 of the items! I planned what I can cook early to lessen the steps, and planned which one will go first. It was exciting and tiring!


Before hand, I already made the sofrito for the fideua. So the longest step was already taken cared of. Ate pines was prepping the beans, and she would also be cooking the spring rolls and lechon kawali. I also made the meat to be mixed with the veggies. I just had to make sure that the meats were defrosted as soon as I woke up. So on the day, I woke up early, and the first step was to make the sauces/marindes. I made the sauce for the beans, and set it aside. It was Chinese satay sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken powder, and olive oil. I also mixed up the marinade for the chicken which was made of rosemary, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, chicken powder, and salt. I then sliced the chicken and marinated it for at least 30 minutes.

French beans

I cooked the chorizo and the shrimp for the fideua, but I set  that aside after. I started on the chicken as soon as I could, pan grilling it. I was more than halfway through when I started on the fideua again, which cooked so fast it barely took 20 minutes! The beans took longer than planned, but I had to burners available and did them in double batches. I I also ended up doing another fideua (as planned) because I didn’t want it to be cooked too early.

I was exhausted after cooking, but everything tasted good! I was so happy with everyone’s reactions and knowing they ended up liking something new. And this is what I like about hosting! And cooking of course!


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