Fried Shrimp Brains

We bought shrimp for my going-away party. I knew it was going to be peeled and the skin and heads thrown out. But I know my family doesn’t eat bisque too much so I try to veer away from that one. I remember seeing a friend from high school, JP, post about eating fried shrimp heads and I decided to try it!

Shrimp brains!

I was instructing how to clean it but mom was very particular about it that instead of the heads (just remove the pointy part and whiskers), she also asked ate Pines to remove the shell, and the eyes. That left the juicy gooey part, or the brains as I call it.

I was planning on doing the flour, egg, breading step, but since I was making tempura, I decided to just use the same batter (but cook it last) and make it like tempura fish heads!

The first batch turned out great! Very light and crunchy. As the batches furthered on, the  batter was getting wetter, and the oil getting murkier (because shrimp brains is soft and gooey. I continually had to clean up the oil, and wished that the batter will survive. It did, but just barely. But this thing is damn good. You can just pop it in your mouth, and this is like eating crab fat in one smooth bite! It was sinful but good!


2 thoughts on “Fried Shrimp Brains

    1. I do but am such a horrible cook this way. These will all be estimates!

      1 egg white
      2 pinches of salt
      1 teaspoon baking powder
      1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of flour
      ice cold water, enough to thin out to a thin batter, like a crepe batter, way looser than pancake batter

      That’s it! 🙂

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