Sebastian’s Chilly Burger


I have been a fan of Sebastian’s ice cream ever since, and was sadly disappointed when they closed shop in Alabang Town Center. I still remember it every time I pass by the area where it used to be. But hey, we all have got to deal 🙂

Bad picture, great taste!

After lunch at Agos, I decided to stop by Sebastian’s to look for something sweet. I wanted to do this the other day but was too full from that meal. I was looking at flavors and ended up looking at the chilly burger, which are ice cream sandwiches. They came in different flavors like red velvet, inside out smore, etc. The one that I ended up with is cookie dough. It is a default flavor I love (except for the one in S&R).

I chose this over the smore because of the cookie. This was one had a chocolate chip cookie, while the other one had a chocolate cookie. And one bite, ohmygoodness. I was in cookie-ice cream heaven. I happily chomped on it on our walk back to the office and it truly made my day better. The ice cream was smooth, both cookie and ice cream chunky with chocolate chips. It was so good I was so happy. The last time I had a good one was the Nestle one in the US. Will have this again before I leave!


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