Quick Eats: Agos, Mall of Asia

Another goodbye lunch. We decided to eat in Agos after some debate (crossing of a long list) which was by a famous local chef. It is Filipino food influenced by Spanish food.

I am not sure if I really dislike eating Filipino food out now. But I enjoyed meals from XO Bistro. That is purely Filipino food. I think some “updates” or “twists” on classic meals are just no-nos. Or maybe they executed a cute idea that well, doesn’t work for me.

We ordered Pollo con Tsokolate, Filipino Paella, Frito Mixto, Roast Beef, and a vegetable described as pinakbet-like. So here goes. The frito mixto is an appetizer of fried goodies like chicken skin, thin pork belly slices, shrimp, potatoes, and squid. It was good, as good as any fried dish will be. The Paella, I really disliked, but it was the  main food. It was sour, it wasn’t what paella is to  me. Roast beef was tender and flavorful, and was actually good considering I am not a roast beef fan. The vegetable was blanced and wasn’t stewed, and felt too raw for my tastes, as well as the sauce being too fishy for me. The pollo wasn’t good for me too. See what I said about twists or upgrades on Filipino food and my opinion of them?

I am not going back to this place. Total disappointment for me. Sorry.


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