Quick Eats: Boteyju, Mall of Asia

A lot of options in their menu

As I write this post, it is still more than a week away for my last day of work. But this will get posted on my actual last day of work! It sounds amazing actually. But I have worked in the same company since graduating from college. I never really post it here due to possible conflict in interest, but I have been working in SM Supermarket for the past 10.5 years. So to give a brief background, we are part of the biggest Philippine conglomerate with businesses in banking, malls, residences, retail, beauty, etc. Google it and you will know  more.

Bacon and cream cheese, so good

So this meal is actually one of my goodbye meals with a close friend from work, Chel. She decided on the restaurant and I have never eaten here so it was  good choice. And FINALLY I have found a restaurant that served takoyaki! I ordered the star all around or something like that to be able to try all their flavors, while Chel ordered the original one. I also ordered a bacon and cream cheese wrap and it’s so good too!


I like this restaurant. They also have seaweed, sauces, and even bonito flakes right at the table for you to eat as much as you like! I want to be able to try their other food too but am not sure if I will have time to go back there!


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