Quick Eats: Dipdenza, Fort Strip, Tag

You know you are a Tita (Auntie) when you end up preferring brunches/breakfasts to dinner. I think I have long ago evolved into that.

Coffee place

We were originally planning to eat at Early Bird Breakfast Club but it was full at 9am! So we went instead to the restaurant beside it, which was open, yay. It is called Dipdenza and is mostly a coffee shop with breakfast food and other things. We are looking for breakfast anyway, so we decided to go to the quieter shop and enjoy having the place all to ourselves.


I actually had a light snack before this meal (because I will be crazy hungry otherwise) so I ordered only a waffle, and a cake. Pam and Ara both ordered tapa meal, which is marinated beef, fried, then served with rice and egg. I didn’t even try their food because I was really not into eating more mains at that time. I requested my waffle to be crunchy but it wasn’t as crunchy as I like. They served my cheese waffle with cream, syrup, and a triangle of bad cream cheese. I didn’t bother to call their attention with the cream cheese, but sadly disappointed that they let that quality of something they just bought go bad.


20170107_094641The waffle was good, nothing exceptional. Maybe a side of fruits would have made it brighter. The tapa looked okay too. I didn’t even try the coffee because I don’t drink that really. The dessert was okay, it was nothing special either. Generally the food was okay, the service was okay, but it is one of those that you really you don’t remember much.


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