Quick Eats: Misto, Seda Hotel, Nuvali

Breakfast !

img-20170103-wa0009We stayed in Seda (very horrible service by the way) for two nights for Mau’s wedding.And as usual, buffet breakfast! The pictures were taken on the first morning, but the second morning’s breakfast was infinitely better.


The first day, the only good thing about the selection was the egg, rice and danggit. The sausage was weird, and so were the hotdogs. There was also pasta, corned beef, some congee, fruits, and dessert bar. I was able to get some cheese, but no soft cheeses that I like. But to be honest, we feasted on the danggit, or the dried seafood that was fried. It was sooo good!  The next day, they have bacon and more dried fish called biya! But everyone called it danggit anyway. But that was a better meal for me. Just bacon and the dried fish and I was happy! 🙂

Buffet was not too bad to be part of the meal 🙂 But still annoyed with their horrible service.


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