Quick Eats: Senor Pollo, Alabang Town Center

Future travel buddy in the US

Finally, finally, finally was able to go here with Pam! Pam’s here! I have been seeing here regularly for the past few years which is nice, considering that she lives on the other side of the world. Also my friend is part of this restaurant so I have been wanting to try it, but you know me, I really do rarely eat out.

20170102_122416Decided to try this Latin American restaurant with Pam, and we ordered different things. She ordered the regular chicken with a side of rice, and fried plantains, while I ordered the chicken sisig with cilantro rice, and a side of patatas bravas.

The place, though we went during lunch, looked like a bar or the kind of place you would hang out in to have some drinks. It did get noisy after a while, which is a sign of aging, because I was easily irritated by it.

My bowl

Our food finally arrive. I wish there was some more flair to the plating (I dislike metal bowls and plates), the food was good! The chicken (Pam’s order) was flavorful and happily not to strongly flavored with cumin. My sisig was also good, especially it came with a side of chicken skin fried crisp to  mix in the rice. I had to remove some of the chilis because I didn’t want too much heat. I also nixed the sauce because I really don’t like sauces too much. But I was a happy camper. Maybe next time I will order the specialties. 🙂 But yum!

Also now open with their new branch in Eastwood!




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