Quick Eats: Cafe Romulo, Azumi Boutique Hotel, Muntinlupa

I got ate an Azumi coupon to use for an overnight with her family, and in turn she invited us for breakfast in Romulo Cafe. They are known more for their Filipino food, which they serve all the other time except for breakfast when we went there. I love going for breakfast because hotel breakfasts are great no matter how small the hotel is. Here, I was very happy with their, ta-dah, cheese! Though their selection was only 3 kinds, one of local processed cheese, another of some kind of cheese, the last one was kesong puti! Though the deli section was so-so,  (it tasted of ham, and luncheon meat, which were actually okay but no fancy ones), I ended up eating most of that. I also skipped the hotdog (yes, for breakfast that’s how we Filipinos do it to Matt’s dismay), pancake and cereal area and just went for the dried fish, eggs and rice.

My first plate

Though it was nothing fancy, breakfast out is always nice. I should try out the other hotels nearby and see what’s the best one, just before I go. 🙂


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