Quick Eats: Pablo, BGC, Fort

Pablo bo

We were walking along High Street doing other errands when we spotted this very small store of Pablo. I have been waiting to get my hands on this but it is located in such an odd place. Happy that they have in Fort.

With a lemon glaze on top

I ordered the regular Cheese Tart. They provide it warm and toasty. Even the quick drive home of 30 minutes didn’t give it a chance to cool off. I asked about the premium one but they recommended the (cheaper) regular one. I also bought some of the crackers more popular to Tokyo Milk Factory and they have green tea, parmesan and truffle crackers. I bought the parmesan and truffle flavor ones.

As soon as I got home, Mom and I tried the tart. It was… OKAY. The crust was good, but the warm gooey texture did not make me happy. It was refrigerated after we tried it, and I actually liked the cooled custard better! The crackers were good too, though I think I need to try them one  more time to appreciate them 🙂


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