Quick Eats: Salvatore Cuoma, Uptown Parade, Fort

By the time I post this, I am less than a month away from moving countries! Wow!

Really fancy
Still fancy

Though our default Christmas barkada lunch is usually in Mamou, we went to a different one this time around. It was in the new area called Uptown Parade, which is in the same area as the popular clubs. For lunch on the 24th of December, it was quite empty, people going away and maybe staying at home.

Really good, aged apparently

The place requires reservation and is quite fancy even to my tastes. The area reminds me of a hotel actually or a very quite Todd English (which can get unbelievably noisy). We ordered (I think the yakitori were free) some mushroom risotto, some penne with a red sauce, 3 cheese pizza, steak, and sangria. So the best thing I liked in the meal was the sangria. I was downing it like a happy kid. But nothing really stood out among those that we ordered. The risotto tasted odd. the pasta was so-so, so was the pizza, and the steak was okay, but nothing memorable.

The place, with its fanciness, raised up my expectations, but the food was not really great. A good place to try, but nothing worth coming back for really.


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