Red Velvet Oreo and M&M’s Coffeenut

Sure there are some great innovations in the market. I love the M&M’s pretzel and crispy and are my two favorites now. But every now and then, they would ride on a fad or a season and nope.

Um y eah

Red Velvet is that overrated use of food coloring on chocolate products, including oreo. If I never liked regular Oreo and always went for the golden one, well, the original one is beginning to look fantastic now! It’s just a milder flavored oreo, with a not really cream cheese filling.

So yeah

The M&M’s Coffeenut was ate’s buy from the US. It is coffee and peanut. But it also has a hint of coconut in it. It is reminiscent of beaches in the morning with the smell of coffee and suntan lotion actually. Which is weird for me. Hahaha. 🙂 But try it, why not.

They all are the same flavor

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