Flat Top Smores from Buku-buku Cafe

I spied a new restaurant in Southmall and thought it was the bingsu place that I remember looking at the other time. But it was actually a mixed Asian restaurant with Filipino, Thai, Indonesian items on the menu. The one thing that made me enter the store was spying was their chiller, dessert display with some cakes and pastries, which I was looking for that time.

Look at that!

I went in and new I wanted the one with the smores. I always liked marshmallows and seeing it all toasted was beautiful. The concept of flat tops, a local chocolate confectionery of my childhood, was not too inviting. I think this would be more of sentiments than deliciousness. Flat tops was more of a chocolate compound than chocolate. I still find it good, but it’s not chocolate per se as I know how chocolate is.

They offered to heat the thing up, but I said, how was I going to eat it if it’s hot? So I took it and began chomping on it. It is huge by the way, it took me 3 times/meals to finish the thing off. But it is good 🙂 I want to try their other desserts, or maybe their other food. Let’s see how it is. 🙂


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