Karabella Ice Cream

I do support local products or producers especially when these are high quality products. I have been seeing this on my facebook feed for a while and one time that we were in Rockwell, I decided to hunt down this carabao milk ice cream. I love carabao’s milk and their products. I always end up buying/trying/seeking out these items. Like this one. We went to the POP lab, which apparently is a mishmash of different retailers.

13653188_658703734287822_7627816070549901400_oWe found the karabella store and mom tried the salted egg caramel and the leche flan and kalamansi. I decided to just go safe with a tablea (local chocolate) ice cream. It was P80 per scoop which is quite expensive, but it was okay. We were already out of the store when I tried mine and found it SOUR. Sure, the other flavor was leche flan with kalamansi. But this was sour ice cream. Like sour milk turned into ice cream. I turned back and complained about it, and asked for a change of flavor, and advised the seller to not sell the chocolate because it has gone bad. Most probably it was already spoiled when it was churned.

I ended up going for the turon and langka ice cream. The verdict is, it’s okay. It doesn’t really highlight the better milk in their ice cream. It was just another ice cream brand tring to penetrate the market. Their carabao cookies actually tasted better than their ice cream.

Picture from their facebook site. Not actual Rockwell setup.


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