Steamed Chicken

It is Christmas Eve! 🙂

Whole steamed chicken

I learned this chicken recipe through my cousin. Though I have steamed chicken before, it was just a preliminary step to frying it, the momofuku way. But not just like steamed as is. The thing is, I really like the chicken steamed on its own. Its a less messy way to make hainanese, or a version of it. It used the same flavors of onions, lemongrass, and ginger. The only difference is the liberal salting needed for steaming, since the flavors sweat off basically.

I asked ate Pines to buy me a whole fresh chicken. I cleaned it, then salted it on the crazy side (it came out just right at the end). Then stuffed it with copious amounts of ginger, spring onion, some onion, and lemongrass. I then steamed it with water liberally seasoned with salt as well, plus everything that was inside the chicken.

Sliced in half

I steamed it for a full hour and it was done and tender at that point. The steaming water has become useless because of the salt. I wonder if I omitted salt in it, it would have been good too. I would have at least had some good light stock.

I cleaned off the insides, then sliced the chicken in half, then into serving pieces. I served it with some grated ginger in oil and sesame oil, plus sized scallions, and some of my crazy homemade chili garlic sauce. It was so good that we ate too much. It was that crazy good.


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