Fat Fingers

Sometimes, nostalgia is what you need to make food really good. Then sometimes that doesn’t even work.

Whammos and Fat Fingers

Fat fingers is our local version of Twinkies which we used to have when I in my early decade. Out of the blue, it disappeared. I would ask about it when I started working where I work now, and from what I learned, there was some family issues that the company closed down. Come how many decades after, I begin seeing ads on KFC about serving whammos (the chocolate twinkie equivalent) with their Christmas party meals. And I got curious. I was so curious that when mom and me and the kids ate at KFC, I asked if we can upgrade to that to have some Whammos.

The thing is, they don’t advertise the Fat Fingers, but happily, they have it and I asked to exchange the whammos. 1 Whammo and 2 Fat fingers. And you know what? These were good! I did love it. I may end up going back to Twinkies after saying it was too sweet. I wih they would make the Fat fingers available again easier. You can’t even buy it by piece in KFC.

Oh, the Whammos tasted horrible.


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