Quick Eats:Toho Antigua, SM Southmall

Kailan, hainanese and rice

Ever since mom saw this restaurant, which has been around for quite a while, she really wanted to try this. Late one afternoon when we were at the mall and I was asking if she wanted to snack, she suggested we have an early dinner instead. I agreed and we went here.


Even before we went here, she would regal me with stories on how her parents would bring home treats for the family on special occasions like payday for the whole family. Mom also added that they were known for the hainanese chicken. So once we sat inside, she was happy to find a familiar menu. We ordered some cold ham for appetizer, kai lan or broccoli leaves with garlic, a cup of yang chow fried rice, one order of siomai, and of course, teh hainanese chicken (mom also ordered the lychee almond jelly for dessert).

Old fashioned Chinese

The cold ham was served first and it was good. Salty sweet. Then everything arrived. We ate the vegetables first, which was simply done but really good. I was very happy with it, though I wish they cut up the stalks a little bit. And the hainanese, IT WAS GOOD. Better than the local versions of Singaporean restaurants. I would love to come back here for that again. The siomai too was very tasty!  Let’s see what the other food are, and let’s get another review in 🙂


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