Quick Eats: Tim Ho Wan, Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Michelin starred!
Vermicelli with shrimp

I should have eaten here a year ago when the boom was on. But I always let things quiet down and see if it actually survives its first launch. I have had experience of trying out the supposedly great new openings of restaurants, but dismayed so much that I don’t seek it out anymore.

My rice

Finally, I get to try Tim Ho Wan, the Michelin starred restaurant of Hongkong (I think). Only because I was feeling Chinese still. I had lunch with Chel and we ordered some siomai, vermicelli with shrimp wraps, pork buns, and me, some rice with chicken mushroom and sausage.

Pork buns!

The thing is, I am also not a big fan of pork buns. Or sweet foods that aren’t dessert. So i was hesitant to try it, but hey, it’s their best seller. Over-all, my rating for the restaurant is a 7. My rice is good, but it’s nothing memorable. The siomai felt too shrimpy. The vermicelli was good, and so is the famed pork bun. I think my favorite thing though is their spicy sauce. It was soooo good I felt like I could bring it home and eat it. I am open to trying the other items on their menu! On my second meal. 🙂


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