Quick Eats: Tuan Tuan, Powerplant Mall, Makati

Looks fancy

I was curious about this place when I saw a line outside of the restaurant. I have never heard of it but it looked interesting. I do currently have a severe fascination with Chinese cuisine. Afterwards, my cousin shared a photo of an item from here and I got more curious. I decided to try this when Sjeanz and I were supposed to meet up for lunch. She agreed and it was because she hasn’t have had a bad experience here yet!


I was going to have noodles that night (another dinner) so I decided to go for the second best item of the place which was curry. I went for the beef and tendon curry, which was served with rice. Sjeanz went for her favorite which was the fried spareribs. Then we opted to share the salted egg custard bun. The service was quick (or maybe because we had so many things to catch up on) and the food eventually arrived. And you know what, I have nothing to complain with the quality, serving size of the food. It was good. Each would have been good for sharing, that’s why the price was more expensive than usual. But damn it was good. The spareribs were crunchy and slightly sweet, the flavors were right. The curry was creamy, and the beef and tendon were indeed tender. The snow bun too was really good!

Dessert which I ate midway through my meal

So in general, I really like this place. Would love to bring mom here to try it out and see what the other food items are like. 🙂 But it was as even better than I expected! Really great! 🙂


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