Russian Honey Cake

The beginning
Rolled, trimmed, and baked

In all honesty, the recipe seemed simple. Making it was easy enough too. Just messy. And, mine didn’t look too much like the picture in terms of color. Maybe using maple syrup instead of honey. Or maybe just the color intensity of the honey itself? To be fair, I liked the honey cake. But the thing was i was hoping ate will like it because I intended it to be ate’s birthday cake. For that intent and purpose, it failed. But otherwise, it was good.

Looks gloopy, but it is supposed to be like that they say
The next day

I don’t even remember how I fell into this link. I was just reading it and it was interesting. The ingredients and steps looked simple enough, so I made it into my weekend project. I started early morning, then continued making this until the next day because of the overnight soaking of the layers. I followed this recipe  . Hers was very detailed and instructive. Maybe I am just really bad at following directions.

Looks like sansrival

The main flavor that came out here was the sweetened sour cream. It reminded me of cream cheese, but slightly wetter.I could have used cream cheese here and sour cream for a better texture, but it was just easier to get the sour cream and follow the recipe.

Looks respecatble

It was a good try. 🙂


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