Vegetable Lasagna

I cheated on making this, kinda. But I didn’t want to open a new can of spaghetti sauce when I have one cooked in the fridge, with chicken too! But everything else was cheat free.

Sliced veggies

I bought some zucchini last week and it needed to be used. I decided to make some vegetable lasagna for a healthy twist on an old favorite. I also skipped the bechamel because, well, I was trying to be healthy (but seriously, if I had scoopable cream cheese, I would have used that happily).

Veggies on the pan

So first, I sliced some zucchinis, eggplants, and mushrooms. I then grilled these and put them aside. I readied my prepared tomato sauce as well. In a glass baking dish, I put some of the tomato sauce, followed by layers of the my long vegetable slices. Then I topped this with more tomato sauce and chicken, mushrooms, my yeast seasoning, then did it all over again. Then the top most layer, I did put some cheese on it, and it was gooood.


So this didn’t even feel like being healthy. If I used beef in the meat, I am sure I would have found this more “real” than what it is. But veggies, with meat, and tomatoes. Yum!

Looks good!

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