Italian Nightclub Sandwich

Be warned, I am not the woman you should make jealous. Because when I get jealous, I always do one up on you. And that is exactly what happened here. With Matt on the other end of the world describing to me this Italian Nightclub sandwich which with salami and ham, already sounds like my sandwich heaven. So I decided to make it, and make it even better.

My layers

I bought 3 kinds of ham, but decided on using olive lyonel (as what it is labeled), with some regular salty salami, some nice sweet big tomatoes, lettuce, a double cream kind of cheese I also bought just for the occasion, and random bits and ends.

First, my baguette, I removed the middle of on both sides. This would lessen the heft of the sandwich, making it more bite friendly. I then put lettuce on the top part of the bread. Then, I covered both sides with the double cream cheese. I followed this covering both the sides with the ham, and the salami (double servings on ham, cheese and salami). Then I put slices of tomatoes, sprinkled olives, then added a drizzle of oil. I fold it over, with a bit of effort. I wrapped it in paper, squishing it in the process to make the sandwich hold together. Then I wrapped it in foil then kept it in the fridge  to set it. Then after a few minutes, I ate the whole thing standing up in a couple of minutes. It was that good.

A giant bite

I love it, and I can’t wait to make more sandwiches like these. But since I have consumed all of my meats, I will have to buy more of it for the next weekend! 🙂


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