Fish Head Curry

Kait has been eating this for lunch the past few weeks and I have always been curious as to how fish curry tastes like. From random recipes, I know it is supposed to be sour.But since I have never had it, I am not sure what the flavor profile is. Really sour? Curry or curry-ish? Mild or crazy hot? Those stuff. So I decided to buy a fish head curry mix, then google what kind of fish fits the need (which is King Fish, or Tanigue, in the local fish names).

It is somewhere in there

I forget what brand I bought of the fish head curry mix. But it was for 600grams to 1kg, which was perfect for me. I used all of it, followed directions kinda (I used a  mix of almond milk and regular milk instead of coocnut milk), even followed the lady fingers as thickeners. But once the fish was cooked and I tasted it, I found it particularly bland. So I made my own concoction of mixing together sugar, singiang mix, and hot water, to my taste, and added it to the mixture. AND THAT WAS GREAT. So now I am unsure if I ruined the flavors of fish head curry mix for me, but well, it was way better than the original one. Pictures are ugly though.



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