Fish Roe Spread

For those who have been long time readers of my blog, you know how much I love fish roe. And I am not just talking about fancy stuff like caviar or mentaiko, I love having it on its. I seek it out when there’s a whole fish and there might be roe inside. I buy it from the supermarket as is. I even ordered it several times while visiting my brother in Gensan. So now, I came up with something new.

I was planning to cook this by myself (the way it looks now) originally, but the kitchen was full after a trip to the supermarket so I told ate Pines to cook it in tomatoes. This constituted tomatoes, garlic and onions, a bit of salt, and the roe, all cooked together into a light soup. That wasn’t what I was after, but I did eat half of the roe like that.

Fish roe spread

I then took the leftovers. I got all of the vegetables, without the liquid (or at least just enough to puree the veggies), and put it in the blender. I then pureed it into a thick sauce. The leftover sauce from the dish, I boiled until it almost evaporated, then I added the thick tomato sauce. I thickened this as well and let this simmer. I lightly mashed the roe into chunks then added this to the sauce. I ended up adding more chopped garlic to heighten the taste, and a bit of salt. And once thickened, it was like a Spanish tapa! It was so good to eat on bread, and even on top of rice. So good I am imagining making it again soon. Just need to get my hands on some fish eggs.

Fish Roe Spread Recipe

about 200 grams of fish roe, sliced into two inch pieces
4 tomatoes, diced
1 onion diced
5 cloves of garlic, minced
water if necessary

Combine in a small pot the roe, tomatoes, onions, half of the garlic, and salt. Let everything simmer and cook. Add water if necessary. Once done, you may opt to put everything in the blender (or do as I did) and puree into a thick paste. Place back in the pan and boil away some of the liquid. Add the minced garlic the last second. Adjust salt if necessary. You may also add some heat to this with some chili flakes!


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