Umami Chicken

I have read an article about umami chicken from  Burger Geek and a competitor. Although I am already excited with the burgers of Burger Geek, I got to thinking of ordering the umami chicken.

Still the runaway winner

First, the burger. Mom ordered The Cheerleader which was a regular burger that had jalapenos in it .We split that, and then we ordered umami chicken, at my request. Supposed to be, it is a southern fried chicken with a few more pluses on it.

Umami chicken!

The burger first arrived and it was good as I remember their burgers being. But this post is about the umami chicken. It looked good, huge too. And it came with some umami corn, and kimchi rice. I am not sure if the kimchi rice worked with the chicken, but it was good enough. The chicken though, was not as tender as I want it to be. And the crunchy part, well, it hurt the roof of my mouth for every bite. It is good, but I am not going back for the chicken. Still for the burgers.



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