Paneer Curry

I have always loved cheese. And I do have a decent liking to curry. So when I accidentally ran across a paneer gravy (paneer curry) recipe when googling vegetable dishes, I decided I should do it. It had ingredients I had in my pantry or fridge, well except the cottage cheese that I had to buy, which was easy enough. So I bought some.

Cottage Cheese

I was also going to make a shortcut. Instead of using garam masala, and all the other spices, I will make use of my curry cubes. So that was easy enough.

Cooking the sauce

I chopped some ginger and onions, then I made use of my already cooked tomatoes in the fridge. I cooked all of that down, added my curry cubes and simmered it. Then I added my cottage cheese chunks. I was afraid of my cottage cheese disintegrating, but it turned out fine. Our cottage cheese here come in chunks (unlike in the US) so this worked perfectly. Some melted or disappeared, but it eventually just smoothened the cheese. And I was left with a yummy sauce.

I had this for breakfast the next day and it was so good. I have too much sauce and too little cheese, but over-all, this is a recipe worth repeating.

Paneer Curry Recipe

1 thumb of ginger grated
1 onion, minced
1 cup of cooked tomatoes
curry cube or garam masala or curry powder
cottage cheese, about two cups, diced in big chunks

Cubes on tomatoes

In a hot pan, saute the ginger and onion until fragrant and cooked. Add in the tomatoes and the seasoning. Let this boil for a little while, maybe 3 minutes. Add salt/chili/or whatever spices you want. Once adjusted, add the cottage cheese and let simmer for a minute and then serve on rice.


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