Bolognese, and My Other Two Meals

In continuation of the two packed meals I posted the last week, I still have my third one. My quick cooking bolognese pasta. It is the third meal in this set.

My easy pasta

I still have some stewed tomatoes in the freezer from the paella  when Matt was here. I also had leftover beef from the lasagna (during the engagement party). I did the short cut of cooking the pasta in the same pan I was going to toss the final dish in. I just used spaghettini for quick cooking. I only added enough water to cook the pasta, but nothing to throw out after (it is never an exact science, but it’s easier). Once the pasta was cooked, I added the tomatoes first to make sure it cooks off some of the liquid, then the cooked meat. Once all that has meld together, it is done. It takes about 15 minutes, with the bulk of that being the pasta. But this turned out so good. Beefy, tomatoey, and easy too.

3 meals a day!

And this is the third meal.


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