Chickpea and Tuna Cakes

Okay. Do not panic. This is like a crab cake. Not like a birthday cake. But they are called cakes, so be it. I was thinking of another easy dish to make and this is what came up. I had some chickpeas in the fridge and they go so bad easily that’s why I wanted to use them. I also had some tuna, which I bought for kuya, that he didn’t eat, that I wanted to use up. Mix two together, with egg, chopped onion, pickle relish, some broken down crackers and you have tuna cakes!

They were still kinda lose when I fried them, but they held enough that they looked like patties anyway. I didn’t want to go over on the egg or the additional processed products in it. They taste good. Lighter because of the chickpeas, and less fishy, which I like. Easy breakfast take away, or lunch, in my case.

Holds up well enough

Chickpea and Tuna Cake Recipe

1 can of tuna in brine, drained
1/2 cup drained chickpeas, mashed
2 tablespoons pickle relish
2 tablespoons minced onion
1 egg
3 crackers, crushed

Mix all ingredients together and check if it holds up well to the cooking. If not, add more egg and crackers. In a pan, put some spray oil, then place patties on the pan and let this cook through. Remember that the egg and onions are raw. Flip gently and brown on the other side. Eat as is or with rice and stuff. 🙂




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