Quick Eats: Gloria Maris, Alabang Town Center

Roasted platter of different porks and seaweed

I have been more curious about Chinese food recently. I do like their dimsums but haven’t to a place that I would just keep going back for their dimsum. So I have tried Phoenix Court recently, and now Gloria Maris. I was with family for this meal and I ordered (over-ordered that is) for everyone. The menu was basically this:

Dimsum and rice, and the chicken at the back

Chicken and corn soup
Yang chow fried rice
2 orders of hakaw
2 orders of siomai
2 orders of bean curd roll
1 roasted platter sampler
Fried chicken (for the kids)
Salt and pepper pork spareribs
Tofu and Vegetables in XO sauce

MOre dimsum and spareribs

Okay mind you, we were 5 adults (supposed to be 6 but ate wasn’t able to make it), and 3 kids. I thought that was fine. We actually ended up eating the same food for dinner reheated at home. Fine, too much.

Vegetables and tofu

The soup was good, the rice was too salty for me, I did like the dimsum, but just enough to eat it and not go back for it. The roasted platter was enjoyed by everyone. Too much food at this point. Everything was good, but not exceptional. I think maybe next time I should order smaller plates of more variety to have a little bit of everything. I think everyone did enjoy the food though these weren’t as memorable as I thought it would be.


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