Quick Eats; BLK 513, S Maison, Conrad Hotel


After our ramen hunt, we decided to have dessert. It was partly because we needed to make Kait feel better about what she ordered from Uma Uma. So this was a new ice cream place too. Apparently, when we got there, it is a yogurt place. They have two options, the sweeter  yogurt which is colored white, tastes almost like ice cream. And the black one which is the tart yogurt. You get to choose 3 toppings for each and they recommend two fruit ones for the black/tart one plus a crunchy one. Then the opposite for the sweet/white one.

My dessert!

I decided to go for the recommended mixes for the black one which is breakfast something. It had two fruits, which was strawberry and dragon fruit, plus some cereal/granola. I remember Kait ordered the banoffee one, while Tina just wanted the home made smores on hers.

Looks good

And for the winner this time, mine! I love the crunchy parts and sweet/tart combination that mine had. Tina’s was too sweet for me, and Kait’s lacked the crunch in hers. But I was happy. The serving is huge too, but it’s about 1.5 times the price of other frozen yogurt places. So maybe it is better for sharing? 🙂


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