Quick Eats: Uma Uma, S Maison, Conrad Hotel

We have a new mall to visit near the office and it has fancy fancy food places. The mall isn’t fully occupied yet so I know we still have a lot of places to visit in the next few months. But we decided to try some of the places, just because.

Ramen options
My bowl

We ended up in Uma Uma, a ramen place, when we went there. I wasn’t sure what was different in their ramen, but sure, why not. There was something new for me.I do love garlic and they have a garlic ramen, which I didn’t even hesitate to order since there is no “too much” garlic for me. Tina tried the best seller one Uma Uma Ramen, while Kait decided to try the mazesoba, the top seller but dry one.

Kait’s 🙂
Tina’s after she mixed it

So basically, the ramens were really good. I enjoyed it, as well as Tina did on her own ramen. But the soba was sooo vinegary, which I hate and apparently Kait also isn’t fond of, that it was such a disappointment. She was just hating it the whole lunch time as we continually offered her our food (though she found mine too garlicky). But it was a good place. I like it really, and I generally like ramen. Yum. 🙂 and the price is generally cheaper than other ramens too!


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