Taiwan Loot: Bullhead Curry

Bullhead is a famous condiment brand in Asia. They have curries, satay or barbecue sauce, etc.

My friend Kait who traveled to Taiwan while I was in Bohol and since apparently this is a popular item, she bought an extra for me to try! I decided to make a vegetable curry with it. The thing was, I couldn’t read any of its directions so I just went with my instincts.

My packed lunch!

First I cooked the vegetables (and very little pieces of chicken)  such as eggplant, potatoes and carrots, in a little bit of water. Once the vegetables were softened, just a mere 5 minutes, I added half a cube of the curry. I eventually added the whole thing because it was tasting quite bland. Even with the whole cube, it was very light compared to other curries I am used to like Indian or Thai. I actually had to add a bit of salt to it to make the flavors come out.

So basically, it is a very good mild curry. Maybe I need to use two curry cubes? But this was really light. With these flavors, I wouldn’t mind having it for breakfast, which I did with my leftovers. A good thing to try but not yet in my pantry list.


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