Quick Eats: Sarsa, Rockwell

Matt was supposed to meet all of my college friends this lunch date but it ended up being a double date for two newly engaged couples. 🙂 One was sick (I was happy to kick off the bug just in time)  and one got stuck in an emergency meeting. So it was me, Matt, Bea and Dre left.

Double date

We have decided on the lunch place weeks before hand, a Filipino with a twist place. I have never eaten here so I was excited to be able to try it out. The famed sizzling kansi is something I don’t even know what is.

prichon pancake

We got there ahead of Bea and wasn’t sure how to order. We ended up waiting for them and just ordered together two plates of sizzling kansi, a side of rice for each, while Dre ordered the breakfast plate, and an appetizer of prichon pancake or fried lechon pancake.

sizzling kansi

The food was few, but it was good. I love the prichon pancake which is like a local take on peking duck but with lechon instead. The kansi is basically beef hock, the meat boiled and removed from the bone, served on a sizzling platter with gravy, with the bone sliced in half to present the luscious bone marrow, or the fatty insides. It was good if you like bone marrow, which Matt didn’t like! How sad (or good for the rest of us!).

I am curious to try their other dishes since the plates I had are really good and simple and clean. More to Sarsa 🙂


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