Quick Eats: Amorita, Alona Beach, Panglao

On a cliff, Meal 1
Look at the view! Meal 1 still
My meal 1

Okay this place is fancy. But it does live up to more than the expectations I had for it. We walked in and was wowed already. The view, the restaurant, the staff, it was fantastic. The only thing was it didn’t have a direct access to the beach. They were higher up on a cliff and you really cannot go to the beach without going around the cliff.

Appetizers for Meal 1
Meal 1 for Matt

We ate here twice, one to try it, another, as our last meal on the island. The first meal we had Thai salad and fresh green salad for me and then Matt. Then my main was shrimp aglio olio while Matt had a burger. All of our food, even my extra onion ring side dish, was soooo good. We finished everything and happy with the food too!

Flatbread which was soooo good

The second meal, we had a flatbread which was to die for. It had shrimp, anchovies, fresh cheese and parma ham. It was so good. Then we shared the main of seared tuna, grilled vegetables, and rice. They were all so good too. We capped it off with a tres leches cake which I liked and Matt not so much. But the food was really good!

Though I would be happy to come back here, I wouldn’t stay at the hotel. I need the beach most of the time. The sand and sea and sun. That’s my vitamin. But the food, yes, I did go back, and will go back. Especially for their steak and tapas night. 🙂


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