Quick Eats: Alona Hidden Dream, Panglao

This isn’t exactly on the beach but along the main road. We ended up eating here because I was already hungry and feeling too hot after looking for an ATM to get money. Matt decided to just eat at this place because it was near and it looked good enough.

That great crazy chicken

I wasn’t too sure of this place. They looked like every other grill place in the street. Except that this place featured roasted chicken as their specialty. I was feeling too fussy and didn’t want any other seafood meal that may end up badly so I wanted the chicken. And some grilled corn. Matt acquiesced to my requests and we just shared both, with orders of rice.

AND OHMYGOODNESS. This may be one of the best grilled chicken I have had in my life. It was so flavorful and tasty that it even beats popular roadside food kiosks like Andok’s and Baliwag and even S&R’s roasted chicken. It was really good. It was sooo good, and affordable at that, that I wish I have had it earlier to have it more often! Yes, that good. How apt that it’s called hidden dream 🙂 But please do try this! We went to the branch Alona Hidden Dream 2, I have no idea if they have the same chicken in the original one 😉


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