Quick Eats: Henann, Alona Beach, Panglao

Me and my date, shiny from massages

One of the newest resorts on the island is Henann. It caters to a younger crowd (I know, I feel old when the noise starts buzzing in my ears near there) with a band and a bar every night. We tried it one time when we were just tired of walking around and wanted good food.

The place 🙂 It’s a nice refresher from the whole beach

We checked out their food right before they opened the bar. It was a respectable buffet for such a small beach crowd. But then you realize a lot of people do go there for the food too. They have makis, freshly fried seafood station, 3 kinds of pizza, carved meat, grilled meat and seafood, cooked food and a soft serve station. The price is about P800 per head for dinner. And yes, it is good food. But I found everything too shiny for my taste.

Oooops. Ate almost all of it already

I do have to comment their fresh ahi poke which was unbelievable. Also their grilled hangers (tenderloin?) were really good too. Those two were the one I wanted to keep going back to 🙂 But everything else, it was good, but not memorable. 🙂


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