Regular Eats: Baybayon, Alona Tropical Resort

We booked in Alona Tropical Resort, located on the island of Panglao on Alona beach on our trip to Bohol. I wasn’t sure of the restaurant, but I think we were lucky. It was nothing fancy but they served good to great breakfast, good food generally, and SUPERB service. I took it for granted that we were always eating here that the food is not properly documented anymore after this picture. But trust me, I did like their food.

Future husband right there!

This was for lunch and it composed of 3 plates of seafood. We had sizzling shrimp, we had fried shrimp, and sizzling seafood. Then I added a serving of vegetable, meaning another whole plate of it, and 2 orders of rice for the both of us. That’s a lot of food. The food was okay during this time.

At another time, we ordered chicken cordon bleu and beef steak tips. Those both were great! But the soup that we ordered with it was obviously the powdered instant kind, with the added extra of fresh vegetables. We also had their shakes which were also great, and do they give in to requests easily. Their dessert too of the mango split was a thumbs up.

Their breakfasts were 3 kinds. Continental, the lightest one and American, and the Filipino. The last two differed only on two things. The carb and the protein. The carb was either bread or toast, or rice, and you can still alternate between the two easily switching it up. The meats were either dried fish, chorizo or tocino for the Filipino, and bacon or ham for the American. All with tea or coffee and juice (and I opt for shake.)We always ended up finishing our food though. Even when Matt orders other food. Maybe we just eat a lot.


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