Quick Eats: Burger Geek, Molito, Alabang

Umami corn

My friend Kars has been recommending this for a while already but I was always more curious and wanted to go beyond burgers (though I do like really good burgers). Matt and I were choosing between Korean and burgers, and burgers won obviously.

Our burgers

We first decided to go with umami corn, whatever it was. Then we ordered onion rings as sides too. Then the burgers. Matt ordered the Class President. The included the beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, bacon, shitake mushroom, on the sauce. I ordered the Hangover. usual stuff with bacon, french fries, egg and beer syrup.

They all disappeared

My god all of these were good. From the corn to the fries in the burger to the burger! I have eaten there two weeks ago and I am still dreaming of that damned burger and what the other  burgers taste like. I am planning to bring people there just so they can have a taste of their burger. Side note though, their sauces are on the sweet side. Ask to put it on the side like Matt did, and it turns out a better burger.


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