Quick Eats: XO 46 Heritage Bistro, SM Aura

Maybe my second favorite discovery in Manila for this trip (the first one coming in a post next!). I have been wanting to eat here the last time Matt was here but never were we able to get there (too many options). I finally scheduled a dinner here with my closest friends.

Loves of my life, without Mau and Albert

We wended up going to the SM Aura branch because we were stuck in that area the whole day, so we just stayed there. We ordered a mix of different things. Matt and I ordered shrimp in aligue (crab fat sauce), flat iron chicken (a kind of appetizer) and smoked fish fried rice. Others ordered wild rice, lechon, fried chicken (for the toddler), laing, sinigang and a few more things I cannot remember.


The meal started out with some appetizer of cornick and puto served with sweet butter and aligue butter. The aligue butter was weird for me. But the appetizers were okay. Then the food was served. I declare my two orders as runaway hits. The tinapa rice and the shrimp in aligue were the crowd favorites. Matt tried almost all of the food, not the sinigang because he knows he doesn’t like it, nor the fried chicken. He liked most of it, but despises the laing. I think it gave him the shivers. To be honest, it was too gooey  a laing for me, and strong flavored, but I knew what to expect from it 🙂

Chicken thing
Shrimp in Aligue

So yes, return here. Really good food!


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