Quick Eats: Phoenix Court, Bellevue, Muntinlupa

Me and my gwapo date

So the next few posts will be a series of  the places or food that Matt and I tried out, good and bad.

On his first night here, we decided to try the Phoenix Court. It is the Chinese restaurant in Bellevue and boasts of both unlimited dimsum buffet and unlimited dinner and lunch buffet. Matt and I decided to go for the dimsum buffet because that’s what we both wanted to get into.

Ginger yakult drink

We weren’t able to order all simply because those small servings do add up to a full tummy. First he had coffee and I had the phoenix drink of sorts made with ginger and yakult and sesame and the like. That was actually really good.

Part of the spread

We ordered hakao, siomai, scallops dumpling, xiao long bau, barbecue pork pastry, salted fish fried rice, nori shrimp roll, pork and shrimp dumplings, radish cake. Not all of it, but I guess quite a handful with a jet lagged boyfriend (now officially a fiance!) and my supposed to be dieting self. But we were so full after that we were barely able to have anything else.

Ratings, I like all of them generally. My favorites might be the scallop dumpling, and the hakao 🙂 But the hakao and siomai are default favorites. 🙂

I think next time I come here, I need to go with a really empty stomach that is ready to eat. 🙂



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