Japanese Loot!

So while Matt and I were traipsing around the island of Bohol, my ate and her whole family, plus mom, were actually in Japan for Disneyland. I like Disney but once every few years is enough (I like the food, fireworks, parades, etc.). I asked ate to get me some Pablo cheesecake, but she wasn’t able to see any branch, at all! But instead, she had many other stuff she brought home.

Chicken Ruffles!

Chicken flavored ruffles. It’s not like chicken. It’s like chicken salt! Which is good actually. I’d eat it easily, but it’s not something that I’d replace my favorite flavor with (or maybe I would. The new packaging of Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream also had a bit of flavor change in their seasoning 😦 ).

Looks like bamboo
Or moldy bamboo!

Green Tea bamboo cake. I used to like green tea when it started out. But these new ones I have been encountering recently, including the green tea mochi in Dessert Kitchen is just too strong for my taste. Isn’t green tea supposed to be mild? Too bitter.

Assorted Mochi! My favorite of the take home bunch. This is about 50 pieces of different kinds of mochi. There were some adzuki ones, some green tea ones (that aren’t bitter at all), some sesame coated ones, etc.. And they were all delicious! I am beginning to wonder where the rest are too.

Banana bread?
Looks like a small banana!

Banana cakes. So okay, these aren’t like the local banana bread/cake that you think of. This is more like a banana shaped pastry with a banana flavored filling. It’s okay. Tender and light like how Japanese like their pastries. It’s good, but it’s alright.

There were also some assorted pastries or cookies and biscuits that they took home. Matt and I accidentally chose a bitter date one. I didn’t like it. I will have to check the other stuff 🙂



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