Monday Meal

So I do prepare my meals almost everyday. Depends on how much I have prepared. Sometimes, i have to cook everyday, but I also make it a point to over-prepare so there will be days I will just be reheating the stuff. So this batch, I only made extra fr the potato and leek soup. Everything else is single serve.

My packed meals

It doesn’t really take too much preparation. The hunmmus will last me a week, which just took about 5 minutes to make. Of course, I soaked and cooked the garbanzos beforehand (yay to dried beans versus canned ones) so there was more planning involved, but not too difficult. The sandwich is easy enough to make. The tomatoes in the pasta is a big batch of cooked tomatoes, half frozen in the freezer, the other half in the fridge, to use as needed. The meat in the pasta is longganisa or local sausage I made the day before. One half kilo was made into a the sweet sausage my family likes, the other one the garlicky oregano sausage that mom and me like. I decided to use that in the pasta. I cooked the pasta beforehand, but if there were any left over in the fridge (when ate Pines makes big batches), it be faster too.

So the complete meal is a PBJ for breakfast, hummus for mid day snack along with a smoothie of banana, strawberries, mango and oats with almond milk which lasts me the morning til the afternoon snacks, lunch is the sausage/longganisa pasta, dinner is the potato leek corn soup!

And for a moment, I panicked about not having rice any time during the day. Told Matt, I am turning American. :/ Hahaha. 🙂


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