Free-Range Duck!


We went home to Tarlac for a day to see family and all that. They surprised us by offering us some live duck to bring home. I am always up for a challenge. I know duck is gamey and have eaten it several times. I have never handled (hopefully will never have to) a live duck that needs to be prepared to be cooked. So this is cool.

Dead, cry

We brought it home tied up, kept it alive overnight. The kids were able to say hello (and then goodbye) to the duck. The next day, it was killed. I didn’t see it die, but I saw all the work done afterwards. Gutting, dressing and stuff. It was a bit too much for me actually, because it was a big duck. I had it cut in half, then stuffed in a pressure cooker for an hour with my pre-seasoned broth.

Slightly over-seared 🙂

In the pressure cooked, I already prepared chicken broth, lemongrass, ginger, pepper corns, salt and sugar. I had the duck cooked in there until it was tender. Upon pulling out of the duck, I was surprised by how bony it was. I understood then why Americans only eat duck breasts. I basically removed every bone because they were hard as rocks and no meat on the other parts. What was left was mostly breast, and some leg and thigh meat. The rest of the bones were stripped of the meat, shredded, and set aside.

The duck breasts were seared in a cast iron pan. Then I made a sauce of the left over broth, some chopped leeks, honey and sugar (should have been oyster sauce), and ta-dah! It was like a peking duck flavored duck. 🙂 And it was good!

Seared duck breasts

The shredded meat I lightly fried, and then cooked in the same sauce. And it was also really good.

Next time, I will just removed all of the unnecessary parts and just stick with the meaty bits. It is always an experience to have something like this,  and I am happy to report that the duck was really  good through I did feel a twinge of sadness for a moment while eating the duck.


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