Quick Eats: Dessert Kitchen, Powerplant, Makati

Upfront, I have to say I had high hopes for this place. I actually chose the resto because it looked good in pictures. But now, it seems it only looked good in pictures.

Looks pretty, but blah

This was a Taiwanese/Korean inspired dessert restaurant filled with teens and young adults wanting to try the new place. The place was colorful and pretty. We were seated immediately. We looked through the menu and was then informed all the shaved ice desserts are not available. That is always disappointing, especially on a Saturday night when you expect a ton of people dining at your place.

Even the ice cream, wasn’t great

We ordered the teardrop dessert (my call), and the waffle thing. The dessert thing, as advised, was missing components because they also ran out. The matcha mochi balls that came with it was too strong. The waffle thing was so-so. I didn’t even like it, even the ice cream was not something to remember. I don’t know the rest of the dessert of the people we were with. True, they look pretty. But well, I wouldn’t go back.


2 thoughts on “Quick Eats: Dessert Kitchen, Powerplant, Makati

  1. Hence, pictures can be deceiving. Lol. But it’s part of their marketing strategy. At least, you’ve tried it and realized that you wouldn’t go back. But so sad to hear that the taste of them didn’t justify how they were nicely presented on the table.

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